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How to make color crafting images ready for printing in black & white with PicMonkey

The most amazing crafting printables in amazing color palettes can be found on the internet. But what if you want to use them in your crafting, and you only have a black & white printer to print them? Most of the time when you print colored designs on a black & white printer you get Click to find out more

Make a Collage Sheet on Picmonkey Tutorial

Make your own custom collage sheets on PicMonkey

You can buy the most beautiful printables and digital collage sheets online, but sometimes the layout of the pages might not be suited to your needs. You might find the perfect invitation for a dinner party on a sheet with 8 different designs, but you really only need that one design 8 times. Does that mean Click to find out more

add text picmonkey tutorial

How to add text to an image on PicMonkey

PicMonkey is a partially free image editing website that allows you to edit your pictures in the most fun ways. You don’t need to register, so that’s a bonus. The free possibilities are very broad, but if you like the extra features, add-ons, layers, fonts etc. you can consider an upgrade for very little money. Click to find out more