Resources: The Essential Tools & Materials You Will Love Too

1. Tools

Martha Stewart Scoring Board
I use this baby to make all the boxes I design.  It saves a ton of time, I couldn’t imagine my studio without this board anymore. Somehow the creases you can make with this board look better and more professional than when you use an embossing tool (although we love that one too).

Silhouette Cameo
If this sparkling machine would be able to make coffee too it would be the best machine in the world. This device makes it easy for me to make stickers, wall decals and much more. I love my scissors, but for a flawless look I have to go with this one.

Bone Folder
A gem to help enhance your folds. A real nail-saver.

Ikea Trojka Scissors
Yes, really, I have 4 pairs of these inexpensive kitchen scissors from Ikea hanging on my wall. I like them a lot for cutting larger pieces of paper. For more detailed work, I use precision scissors.

Book Press
My dearest dad made me this book press. It holds my pages perfectly while I’m applying bookbinding glue. Here’s how to make one yourself (or your daddy).

Cutting Mat & Cutting Knife
To state the obvious, because I really like the furniture in my studio I limit my cutting to the cutting mat.

Essential if you love bookbinding. I used to make the holes in my signatures and covers with a needle, but that turned out quite painful for my fingers. An awl is cheap and makes the process a lot easier.
Most crafters don’t have Photoshop to be creative with images (how to add text, making collages, making images suitable for b/w printing, etc). makes it possible for everybody to do that for free and I love love love to teach.

2. Adhesives & Varnishes

Mod Podge & Mod Podge Outdoor
Mod Podge gets used here constantly for glueing, varnishing, finishing,… You name it, the content of this jar gets the job done (except making coffee).

Bookbinding glue
This product lets you quickly bind a little booklet together without too much fuss. Also very handy to make tear off pads.

Glue stick & Glue tape runner
Nice, fast, clean and it does the job. That’s how I like it.

3. Other materials

Tim Holtz Distress Ink
The quality of Tim Holtz’ products is undeniable, I don’t have to tell you. This particular ink set  is my favorite for adding an old vintage look to any crafty creation. My most used ink pad is “Antique Linen“.

4. Services

Bluehost: host your Blog or Website
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