Perfect Halloween Tips: apothecary bottle fillers

Halloween’s on its way. For us it’s the most wonderful time of the year: getting creative with spooky decorations AND knowing Christmas won’t be far behind.

But what if you want to celebrate Halloween without actually filling your house with cheap plastic props? What if you don’t want to dedicate your whole house to this holiday so that even cleaning would get more difficult every day?

Let’s take a look at Amanda, a working mom of two kids of 8 and 10. Amanda’s kids are already counting down to Halloween, the magical thrilling holiday where they can get dressed up and stuff themselves with sweets and other treats. As a mom, she’s loves the fact that her kids are already on pins and needles, making plans for costumes and decoration. On the practical side however, Amanda would love her house to remain elegant and clutter-free.

So she decides to dedicate one place to Halloween where everything kan be kept at bay: the big dresser in the living room. All the usual decorations are getting removed to make place for a stunning Halloween decor setting that house guests will still talk about weeks later (if not years):

The dresser gets transformed into a Halloween Apothecary Shop.

From scavenger hunting in the house for suitable magic ingredients to getting creative with the kids making all the potion bottles, assembling a miniature apothecary is a joy.  The end result is something to be proud of and a great ice breaker for visitors.

To get started we already have a collection of ideas for bottles and jars here. For the fillers of these apothecary bottles I assembled a great collection of ideas below.

You can find a lot of horrific Halloween Bottle Fillers online, but personally, I love to keep a healthy balance between spooky and beautiful. That’s why I decided to round up some wonderful but rather tasteful ideas as fillers for Halloween Apothecary Bottles.

featured-halloween-apothecary-jarskl A Pumpkin and a Princess shows a few ways of filling your jars with things you might have around the house anyway, including a link to their glow-in-the-dark slime recipe. Only beware: you might never want to eat raisins again!




Adventures in Makingmagic-potions-7kl has a great recipe for bubbling potion bottles. Just add an  Alka-Seltzer tablet and your potion will start to fizz.






ToniEllisson has a wonderful video series of how to fill miniature Harry Potter potion and ingredient bottles. From Felix Felicis to Polyjuice Potion, she has it all. A bonus is that the videos are very short, so you’ll soon be on your way to getting creative!




maxresdefault-1If you’re already youtubing through the Harry Potter bottles, also take a look at this tutorial from She’s In Her Apron. Not only is this a great source for jar filling ideas, but she also guides you through the process of how to decorate the bottles.





aa_magic_bottle_05-aakopieklIf you want to go the fairy route, Silvia and Simona from Artsy Ants have a recipe for a magical sparkling bottle filling. This is a great idea if you want your Halloween to be more magical and fairy-like rather than spooky.






True Blue Me & You shares a wonderful idea of bottling your nightmares. It’s not exactly a tutorial, but I think the concept is fabulous, fragile and spooky at the same time.






Great ideas for Halloween bottle fillers can also be found at The Project Girl. Most of the fillers come straight from your kitchen pantry. Suddenly you’ll have a purpose for all those dried beans.






Kimberly Michelle also has a few brilliant ideas for filling your apothecary jars. I specifically love the dyed rosemary leaves idea. I suddenly have the urge to dye all the dried herbs in my spice cabinet now.






Finally, Evita from The Happy Heathen truly knows how to throw an elegantly decorated Halloween party. This blogpost is filled with inspiring images and wonderful ideas. One day I would love to dress my living room as hers for my party.




Well, one thing’s for sure, I’m inspired beyond reason. I’m going to assemble all the bottles I’ve purchased from thrift stores throughout the year and start looking what to do with them.

Let me know what your taste level is for Halloween. Do you like it stylish? Elegant? Or rather very creepy?

Have a really creative day!



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