Old fashioned letter folding tutorial

Old Fashioned Letter Folding

Like many, many women I’ve secretly wanted to play Jane Austen for ages now. The costumes, the elegance, the attitude and the romance take me away in my wildest dreams. Wild in a conserved English sort of way that is of course. It needn’t be said that those daydreams come from watching way too many Click to find out more

add text picmonkey tutorial

How to add text to an image on PicMonkey

PicMonkey is a partially free image editing website that allows you to edit your pictures in the most fun ways. You don’t need to register, so that’s a bonus. The free possibilities are very broad, but if you like the extra features, add-ons, layers, fonts etc. you can consider an upgrade for very little money. Click to find out more

How to age paper tutorial scrolls 2

How to realistically age paper

Being very fond of both paper and antique details, I’m grateful that there are so many great paper-aging tutorials on the Internet. The only element that I often missed was the fact that the paper didn’t always look that realistic at the end. So I started studying old paper a bit more up close and I’m Click to find out more

journal prompts for crafters image

34 Art Journal Prompts for Crafters

This isn’t your average journaling prompt list. There are many out there already. Search ‘journaling prompts’ on Pinterest and you’ll get drowned in lists à la ‘describe yourself’ and ‘write about your pet’. This list is first and for all for crafters that have or want to start a Crafting Journal, or better, an Art Click to find out more

pic 1

Tea Bag Holder Tutorial

This tutorial teaches you how to make a decorative tea bag holder for 6 tea bags. Makes a really nice gift for tea lovers and you can make them in any kind of style.   The Alice in Wonderland tea bag holder is embellished with an Alice in Wonderland image and filled with Alice in Click to find out more


Printable Paris Gift Box – free printable

Paris, I (Tinne) have been there once, in a hot summer. 4 days is nearly not enough time to explore this wonderful city, but it was a great start.  Pink and Paris are a match in heaven. This shabby chic tiny favor box can hold miniature favors like a cookie, or even better, how about Click to find out more