Old Fashioned Letter Folding

Like many, many women I’ve secretly wanted to play Jane Austen for ages now.

The costumes, the elegance, the attitude and the romance take me away in my wildest dreams. Wild in a conserved English sort of way that is of course.

It needn’t be said that those daydreams come from watching way too many costume movies and series.

Along with the really nice dresses and hats I’m also very fond of the props moviemakers use, particularly the many letters that are bound to appear those movies.

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In our modern times where e-mailing, texting and chatting are the order of the day old-fashioned letter writing deserves some extra attention. Sending letters without a separate envelope comes from times when paper was very expensive. Letters were written on one side and then were fold and sealed.

And to be frank, why should we not do that anymore?

You can use any rectangular paper. As a bonus you can download some free printable designs with Jane Austen graphics. If you like you can seal the letter with some sealing wax if you’re lucky to have it. Enjoy!

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Have a great day!



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2 thoughts on “Old Fashioned Letter Folding

  1. Wendy says:

    Yes, thank you for this – I had almost forgotten how to fold the paper, I haven’t done that in so long. I am lucky enough to have some seals to put into the sealing wax I obtained many years ago in England.

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