Halloween Stop-Motion Movie: The Making Of

If you’re into old fashioned Halloween decorations and crafts, you’re about to get inspired big time.

I always loved crafting. Ever since I was able to hold my first plastic kindergarten scissors I was busy cutting up every piece of paper I was allowed to. Since I cannot resist putting a lot of detail into my crafting the projects I start are usually small.

Combining my love for both detailed crafting and Halloween, it’s not a surprise that the proposition of making a short stop motion movie for this year’s Halloween crafting season made me dance like a happy unicorn. Movies like Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride made me familiar with the stop motion concept and since then I was a fan. Fan of the details and the layers upon layers of delicious craftiness.

Joachim, the CEO of VectoriaDesigns, recently started doing business development and international sales for the amazing startup Loopingtales, a company from Ghent, Belgium specialising in stop-motion video’s for social media marketing. He fell in love with their beautifully quirky style and authentic homemade approach. So when he asked me how we felt about working together on a Halloween campaign, I didn’t have to think for a long time. Our designs were going to be animated! Whiii!

When Yves of Loopingtales shared the storyboard, we simply could not wait to see the end result.

Storyboard VectoriaDesigns Halloween Stop-Motion






Three short scenes: a spooky gate, a clock announcing midnight and a Halloween shop that comes to life.

The idea was simply brilliant. And then it was time to make it all come to life.

Normally the company that made our little movie (Loopingtales) creates everything from start to finish. This time we provided a lot of props made from our Halloween Crafting Printables.

I gathered every suitable prop I could find in my Halloween storage boxes: miniature bottles, spiders, dried seed pods from the garden center that looked like little pumpkins, enough fake cobweb to decorate a castle, and of course lots and lots of our Halloween printables.

Lots of miniature bottles











At the Loopingtales studio they made the designs for the scene dressing: the awesome gate, coffins, clock, the cabinet and an awesome chandelier (see all come to life in the video at the bottom of this post). These wooden parts were all about to get lasercut.

lasercut misc 2
Designs for the scene dressing











Some of the props were a few coffin boxes from our shop and boy oh boy do they look creepy. You’ll see one dancing around in the final movie. In a stop motion movie you cannot expect a coffin to just lay around doing nothing, right?

Making a coffin box











The Halloween shop scene is also filled to the brim with miniature halloween bottles. These bottles were embellished with old antique style apothecary labels from our shop. If you like to make bottles like these yourself, there’s a great tutorial here.

Filling miniature bottles










Spray painting props
Spray painting props











Layer upon layer was added to the scene to create depth: paper scraps, doll limbs, fake blood and lots more, all topped off with thick layers of fake dust to make the whole look very ancient and creepy.

Setting the scene











And finally everything was ready for filming. How I wished I could take all this home with me and put it on a dresser, just to stare at it for hours and hours. Just pretend it’s a doll’s house for grown up Halloween lovers.

All set for filming











Curious about the end result? Watch it here with some extra added behind the scenes footage:

I truly hope you’re now inspired big time to start crafting a miniature Halloween setting of your own.



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8 thoughts on “Halloween Stop-Motion Movie: The Making Of

    • tinne@vectoriadesigns.com says:

      Thank you Catt!
      We really love it too <3
      But the credit really goes to the fantastic people at Loopingtales.
      Hope your Halloween is going to be fabulous too!

  1. GeorgiaZ says:

    Bravo!!! BRAVO!!!!!!!
    Well done Tinne and Joachim! I love all the little details, creativity, and love that this short film has. Bonus it gives ideas on different ways to use your lovely creations! Again Bravo!!!!

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