Halloween Stop-Motion Movie: The Making Of

If you’re into old fashioned Halloween decorations and crafts, you’re about to get inspired big time. I always loved crafting. Ever since I was able to hold my first plastic kindergarten scissors I was busy cutting up every piece of paper I was allowed to. Since I cannot resist putting a lot of detail into my Click to find out more


Perfect Halloween Tips: apothecary bottle fillers

Halloween’s on its way. For us it’s the most wonderful time of the year: getting creative with spooky decorations AND knowing Christmas won’t be far behind. But what if you want to celebrate Halloween without actually filling your house with cheap plastic props? What if you don’t want to dedicate your whole house to this holiday Click to find out more


10 Halloween Apothecary Bottle Tutorials

When you’re setting up the decor for a  Halloween Party, whether it’s a small gathering or an epic super fest, a display with Halloween Bottles cannot be lacking. Apothecary Jars add a real touch of fantasy and mystery to any party. Enjoy this assembly of different bottle altering techniques and add several layers of creepiness at Click to find out more

journal prompts for crafters image

34 Art Journal Prompts for Crafters

This isn’t your average journaling prompt list. There are many out there already. Search ‘journaling prompts’ on Pinterest and you’ll get drowned in lists à la ‘describe yourself’ and ‘write about your pet’. This list is first and for all for crafters that have or want to start a Crafting Journal, or better, an Art Click to find out more