10 Halloween Apothecary Bottle Tutorials

When you’re setting up the decor for a  Halloween Party, whether it’s a small gathering or an epic super fest, a display with Halloween Bottles cannot be lacking. Apothecary Jars add a real touch of fantasy and mystery to any party.

Enjoy this assembly of different bottle altering techniques and add several layers of creepiness at your own taste.



An absolute favorite are the DIY Poison Bottles from Desirée from her blog The 36th AVENUE. All you need is some chalkboard paint (my favorite) and / or some glass stain medium, according to your wishes.





When your bottles are just that tad bit too shiny and new looking, this tutorial from Kim Six from her blog The Kim Six Fix comes in very handy. All you need is some sandpaper, craft paint and a brush.

Are you curious about our most favorite tools & materials that you would love too? Take a look at our list.



DSC_00121Kris from Creative Me Inspired You made these awesome creepy looking Apothecary Bottles. It looks like they were around for years. This is another trick you can use to diffuse what’s actually inside is not that gross at all.




Martha-halloween-apothecary-562x1024Virginia from Fynes Designs takes a more traditional approach with a decoupage medium for her Apothecary Jars. If you don’t have plenty of time, this is the way to go.




5words1Jenn from Endlessly Inspired transformed an old whisky bottle into a great textured Skull Bottle with some plain old paper towel. Indeed, paper towel. It sounds to me this technique could be useful for far more crafting projects. Don’t like skulls? Why not use a butterfly instead.



B1Angelica from Angelica’s Scrap also uses a really exciting technique to transform a regular bottle into a creepy looking Skull Bottle.





these_jarsThis tutorial from Stephanie’s blog Fancy That Design House is not strictly about apothecary bottles, but the technique used is great to color or age any clear jar.




ToxicTreatsBottleThe enchanting texture of this Toxic Treats bottle from Stamping with Sandi was made with coats of glue, sealer and crackle paint. Quite the job, but the result is more than worth the effort.




DIY-Decorated-Wine-BottleOn usefuldiy.com there’s a tutorial with yet another great bottle altering technique. These altered Wine Bottles are stunning!





LauraComboBottles3_zps834a044cThe Altered Bottles tutorial from Laura’s Artfully Musing blog is also a great inspiration for your Halloween Apothecary. She provided the techniques, you add the creepy and scary stuff.




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